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Foxy Brides is an Alternative South African Wedding Directory for y’all Foxy alternative Brides and Grooms.

Many of us have spent a stupendous amount of hours on the web searching for something Foxy and Alternative, but found nothing that screams THISISMYFOXYSTYLE !!! leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated, ready to give up or scream at the top of your voice.

Well, you don’t have to feel the pressure to settle for something that does not suit your style.

We at Foxy Brides have put together a Directory of all our favourite, Foxy and Alternative suppliers making it easy for you to find that Foxy Dress, that Alternative Hair Stylist, or that Venue which resonates with your Foxy Style and the Vision you have for your Special Day.

So have a look around, make yourself at home. Happy clicking, and keep it Foxy…

Foxy Brides proudly supports LGBT, interfaith, interracial and all belief systems.

No matter who you are or what you believe, we all have the right to marry. It’s all about love baby!






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